With our boat CAPTAIN MANOLIS you can visit all the beautiful beaches of our island for an unforgettable sightseeing and swimming adventure. We depart from DIAFANI daily at 10:15 am and return at 6:00 pm, and if you have a lot of fun and wish to extend your stay beyond 6:00 you can do that without an extra charge.


On our way to SARIA we will stop at the CAVE to enjoy the bright natural colors, clean and cool air, and the beautiful stalactites and take a swim in its sparkling blue waters. After a 15-minute stay at the CAVE, we continue the trip to PALATIA, SARIA where we will tour the remnants of the ancient village of ARGOS, the SYRIAN pirates ruins and the BYZANTINE churgh of ST. SOFIA. We then return to the sandy beach of PALATIA for a refreshing swim and lunch afterwards. At approximately 4:00 pm we will take short trip to ALYMOUNTA, a beautiful beach with sparkling clean waters, where you can take a swim, f you want. On our return to DIAFANI the boat will pass between two small islands so that you can take pictures of the beautiful island scenery. A free drink of OUZO will be offered to all of you on the trip back to DIAFANI.


We will follow the same route for the trip to VROUKOUNTA as described above for the trip to SARIA. We will stop at the CAVE, as explained above, and then continue the trip to VROUKOUNTA, where we will tour the CHURCH of ST. JOHN the BAPTIST, the ancient STONE TOMBS  and the ancient SWIMMING POOL, carved in stone by the ancient Greeks, where you can actually take a swim, if you wish. The rest of the day will be spent at the beautiful sandy beach in VROUKOUNTA for swimming and sunbathing. On our return to DIAFANI we will stop at TRISTOMO, a beautiful natural harbor where we will spend approximately one hour for sightseeing and picture taking. A free drink of OUZO will be offered to all of you on the trip back to DIAFANI.

Have a nice vacation and come back again next year.